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Safety First, Last and Always at C&M Environmental


At C&M Environmental we take safety VERY seriously. In fact we would go as fas as to say the safety of our employees, our customers and the public in general is THE most important thing to us when embarking on any new project. You can rest assured that all of our engineers have the appropriate accreditations and certifications ... 

Today, however, we are going to have a light hearted focus on those guys out there that DON'T take Health and Safety seriously. Have a look at some of these crazy images. Please do not try this at home folks! : )

Some of these guys must have a 'death wish'. Makes us feel queezy just looking at them.

Honestly! Every bone in our collective bodies is screaming at these.

This is just a light hearted post to highlight some of the crazy practices out there... but as we said at the outset, C&M Environmental consider Health and Safety to be one of the most important aspects of any job that we start. Every possible scenario is considered and we will only start your project wehn we are satisfied that everyone's safety has been considered and addressed.


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