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Building Climate Control

At C&M Environmental we use only the best engineers and equipment. This allows us to inform you of the best way to take control of your building's comfort and energy costs.

Take control of your building's comfort and energy costs
With our office and large building solutions, you can significantly reduce your overheads and operating costs with a well thought out energy efficient climate solution.

We supply and fit climate solutions for your office spaces and large buildings ... from energy efficient heating and air conditioning systems right up to our Building Management Control Systems. 

1. Entrances & Receptions

Reduce hot and cold air loss via your entrance with Daikin's Biddle Air Curtains and you could experience up to 72% in savings by connecting it to a heat pump instead of electricity.
As us about the installation of a Smart System where you could control all aspects of your working environment - heating, cooling, electricity, lighting, elevators, etc.

2. Office space
Breathe in fresh and healthy air that is free of mould and allergens.
The unique, fully flat cassette integrates seamlessly into false ceilings and won't disturb office concentration with its quiet operation.

3. Conference Room
Accommodate high ceilings by installing underfloor heating to heat the air close to the ground.

4. Kitchen & restroom
Easily integrate hot water solutions for kitchens and restrooms.

5. Server room
Reliable infrastructure cooling down to  20°C for your server rooms.

6. Meeting room
The intelligent eye directs airflow away from people and automatically switches the unit to energy-saving mode or turns it off when it detects that the room is empty.

Daikin's variety of indoor emitters are designed to integrate seamlessly with your office building.

Easily upgrade or replace your existing climate solution.
Daikin units are considered "replacement-ready". With high energy savings and minimal installation costs, you can quite quickly recover your return on investment.

So don't delay and get in touch with one of our Building Climate Control experts today.

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